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Precise Coordination

Extraordinary Results

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We are here to deliver! You give us the task we’ll accomplish the mission. Whether the purpose is to connect individuals, solve a problem, define needs and solutions, process improvement, deliver high quality education, or simply want to be remembered as having the BEST wedding of all time, The Hammond Group recognizes what is expected of our clients to deliver value and make your request reality. Through the process of executing an event of excellence, we strive to accomplish these goals with each and every experience.

The Hammond Group team has a rich background in each of these areas, allowing organizations and individuals to execute their event with ease. Our group has an extensive portfolio of 30+ years in event management. We believe that a strong part-nership with those we are planning the event with (and for) is key to the execution of a valuable and successful event. Team THG will provide you with an event coordinator, who will remain your main point of contact from the first preparation call to the day of your event. Our team will organize cadence calls to ensure we are on track with timelines, budget, inventory, etc., ensuring you are completely satisfied with our services. We are fun, on top of our game and always looking for a unique new event to add to our portfolio. Again, we are excited to work with you!

Meet The Team


Sherilyn Hammond

CEO & Director of Events
P: 916-799-5682

Sherilyn Hammond, CEO & Director of Events for The Hammond Group. LLC, has the expertise, connections and vision to lead her team to produce events that are memorable and exceed expectations.

With over 20 years of events management experience, Sherilyn has established connections with an extensive network of trusted professionals in both the Public Sector and Private Sector Technology Industries, along with many key partners and resources for the events that she produces. Sherilyn uses her trademark skills of problem solving, creativity, and flexibility to help clients produce events, meetings & more. She excels at logistics and operations, and her attention to detail means that events and meetings go smoothly from concept to completion.  Sherilyn is good at wearing multiple hats and is adept at responding quickly to changing circumstances, always maintaining an upbeat, can-do attitude.

The majority of Sherilyn’s career has been concentrated on Public Sector Educational Conferences and Forums, by bridging the needs of the Government with the resources and talent of the Private Sector.  The “art of planning” is something that Sherilyn loves, and she thrives on creating new and meaningful events.  To expand on that LOVE of planning, in 2018 she combined both years and diversity of experience in the event industry, expanded on the vision of ElevateGov and created a new Event Management Company – The Hammond Group!   This new company meets the needs of all event types now, and allows for her creativity, problem solving, and master multi-tasking skills to Shine!

In her “free time”, Sherilyn loves to travel, create events for friends and family, and occasionally rest and relax at her home in Folsom with her 3 daughters.

THG Fun Fact

Sherilyn is always in motion!  If it’s not planning, it’s helping a neighbor, traveling, visiting a friend, connecting with family, or racing to any of the girls’ activities!   #MasterMultiTasker


Brianna Hammond

Marketing & Communications
P: 707-319-8588

Brianna Hammond is the Marketing and Communications Director of The Hammond Group, LLC (THG). She graduated from Sacramento State University in 2014 with a degree in Communications. Prior to THG, Brianna was the Marketing Director at Taborda Solutions, an IT Reseller in the Sacramento area, where she met Sherilyn Hammond, now CEO of THG. Brianna was a client of Sherilyn’s previous company, which allowed the two to cross paths and get to know one another. After four years of overseeing the department, Brianna decided it was time to move on, wanting to create more than just IT public sector education forums and events. Brianna has always envisioned becoming part of a company like such, creating massive events from corporate functions to extravagant wedding and social celebrations. She is grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to see what type of events get thrown their way in the future years to come.

Brianna describes herself as professional, overly detailed, organized, and a loyal friend and colleague. In her free time, Brianna enjoys spending time with her family (camping being her favorite), any opportunity to vacation or “escape” reality, along with host any type of get together/backyard BBQ with friends. As you can imagine, the life of an event planner hardly ever slows down. Right when you think you have a moment to catch your breath, you’re getting asked to be a maid of honor, plan another friend’s baby shower, or asked to plan the next family reunion. As crazy as it can be, Brianna wouldn’t change a thing and loves that she is the one to bringing people together, both at work and in her personal life!

THG Fun Fact

Brianna just recently got married to her high school sweetheart in December of 2018. With that being said, her new last name is Wirbick, but goes by Hammond for the sake of “The Hammond Group” Really, you can’t have one Hammond and call it a group, right? I know most of you are probably thinking what is the relation between the Hammond’s? Are the two sisters, cousins, in-laws…? To answer your question, there is absolutely NO relation and they just happen to be two determined, well-organized, successful business-women who happen to have the same last name and work in the same line of business who make a pretty great team!


Jessica Ocenosak

Business Development & Operations Manager
P: 916-300-9990

Originally from Daly City in the bay area, my family moved to Houston when oil was booming in the early 70’s.  I went through Jr. High and High School there then moved back to the south bay area for several years working for Intel then Delta Airlines.  I moved up to Sacramento in the late eighty’s, got married and worked as a Travel Agent for many years.  I then divorced, received my AA in Graphic Design from American River College, remarried, had a beautiful baby boy, then worked for a CPA for many years as his Director of First Impressions.

My husband and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and are looking forward to the next 25 years of continuing to travel, snow ski, and hang out in our new backyard along the American River Parkway.  We are very proud of our Eagle Scout son who is attending The University of Nevada in Reno studying to be an Engineer just like his dad.

As for my role with ElevateGov, I met Sherilyn at a BBQ at my old boss’ home many years ago.  I was very intrigued at what she did for a living as I spent many years planning and organizing events for my family, our neighborhood as well as Boy Scouts.  I ran into her mom at our local grocery store and asked how Sherilyn was doing.  “Oh she’s so busy!”  She gave me Sherilyn’s business card, we met for two hours and the rest is history. I’ve worked for ElevateGov (previously Public Sector Partner’s) for just over four years now.  I am responsible for event communications with our Private and Public Sector customer base as well as developing new business.  I also handle our billing, database management, and assistance with a multitude of tasks that ensure the success of our forums.

I’m excited in what the future holds for both ElevateGov and our umbrella company The Hammond Group LLC.  I bring to the table many years of customer service, event planning, office management, and sales.  I am a seasoned professional and take pride in my attention to detail and high energy.

"Encourage, lift and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all."

THG Fun Fact

Met my husband on the dance floor of Bobby McGee’s.  After 25 years of marriage, we are still dancing up a storm!  I am also a certified Travel Agent so I enjoy escorting groups of family and friends to far away destinations.  Look for us in Cabo or skiing at Northstar Tahoe every year!

The Hammond Group LLC

Thanks for stopping by our site! If this is your first time visiting, welcome. Take a look around to better understand who we are and what we do! The Hammond Group LLC (THG) is made up of professionals who will plan, manage, coordinate and produce events all within different industries or lines of business—you name it, we’ll do it! We bring together a team of event and industry experts who have a passion for designing and executing high quality events, created with and for a purpose. Our goal is to provide you with a team of individuals who will keep you organized from start to finish, while creating a memorable and exciting experience for you and your attendees and/or guest. Our team has extensive experience in private event coordination, wedding coordination and planning, corporate event management, conference planning, public sector educational seminars, along with independent and social event management. Now, go take a look around our site(s) for yourself and see what we’re all about!